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7 Tips to Help Find New Music to Enjoy

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We do a lot of reviews on audio equipment and headphones but what good are they without some good media. If you are like me, you may find yourself struggling to find new and exciting music to listen to or add to your playlist.

It’s no secret that we all have those days where we can’t seem to find or connect with the perfect song. Whether it’s because of the genre, type of music, our mood, or even the weather outside, we feel like nothing is right. But now there are some tips you can try that will help you get better quality sound and make your music listening experience even more enjoyable.

1) Go for a walk and listen to new songs on shuffle: The best thing about walking while listening to songs is that it creates an atmosphere that makes everything feel better. You may not notice at first but as soon as you start noticing how good this feels – give yourself permission! Walking outside in nature is even better.

3) Listen to a friend: Listening to your favorite song with your favorite people is one of the best ways you can enhance the listening experience. This will often make you choose different songs than if you were alone. Cons of this are you might be distracted by conversation taking away from music.

4) Choose what works best for your mood: There is nothing more disappointing than listening to a song that doesn’t fit with your mood. If something is bothering you and you can’t seem to ‘get into it’, then don’t. It will not give you a good listening experience and you will probably end up hating the song. Just wait for something else later on to listen to, or try a different genre or artist. Don’t force yourself to listen to someone if it doesn’t feel right, because you’ll lose interest quick.

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5) Put yourself in the shoes of your favorite artist: It’s easy to enjoy a song when you feel like you know what they’re talking about and it makes sense to you, but this won’t necessarily give you the best listening experience. If something doesn’t make sense or doesn’t feel right, then think back on how that would feel for them. The best example I can think of is when my mom and I went to see Romeo and Juliet in NYC. As we were walking out after the show, my mom said: “I’m glad we didn’t read Shakespeare beforehand because it made me feel like I was actually there.” It’s always good to know the background of a song or artist, but if you’re looking for great music to listen to – you might find something new by taking yourself out of the moment.

6) Listen with someone who has different taste than you: If your friend or significant other doesn’t like the same type of music that you do, then ask them if they would help give you some suggestions. Be honest and tell them that you want to better your music listening experience by trying new genres or artists, but that you will give every single song a chance. If it’s not something you could see yourself listening to often, then thank them for the suggestion and keep looking for something more fitting.

7) Listen without any other distractions: Turn off anything that could be a distraction and just listen. You’ll find that it gives you more time to enjoy the experience and to focus on everything about the song: high tones, low tones, lyrics, etc.

Hi, I am Quinn. I am an experienced audio engineer who has worked in the audio field for the past 20 years. I enjoy most genres of music and enjoy home recording and learning about new recording techniques. In my free time I enjoy reviewing the latest audio gear and gaming.

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